Baseball Festival




The Shortened Attention Span Musical Festival: Week 1 (March 5th - 8th)

Give My Regards to Reading

by Jay Cohen and Danny Gardner

A One Man Cabaret goes hilariously awry the night before a young actor gets on the bus to come to New York and Broadway.

Pocket Change

Book and Lyrics by Anne Berlin Music by Andy Cohen

What do all of the forgotten coins think about the state of change?


by Adriel Borshansky and Justin Leider

New Jersey High School Students write and direct this musical about warring food groups and the pot that keeps them together.

A Park, A Policeman and a pretty Girl

by Jack Moore

Jack Moor Tests Charlie Chaplins Theory that all he needs for a comedy is “A Park, A Policeman and a Pretty Girl” in this tribute to the master.


** Producers Pick

***Winner of the Audience Favorite Award