One Act Festival





Shortened Attention Span Festival June 07: Week 3

Death and Deception

Written and Directed by: Catherine Lamm
Stage Manager: Jason Healy

Starring: Daryl Brown, Adam Mosebach, Michael Palmer,
Olga Kosheleva and Jason Alan Griffin

Sunday Kind of Love

Written by: Concetta Rose Rella
Directed by: Anthony Augello and Paul Campione

Starring: Maria McConville, Concetta Rose Rella, Ricky
Sosa, Richard Rella Jr. and Matt Pepitone

The Cafe

Written By: Kyle Bradstreet
Directed by: Leah Averre

Starring: James Fauvell and Therese Plaehn

Rich on Skins***

Written By: Joe Launinger
Directed by: Kevin Dodd

Starring: Amy Hattemer and James Barry

Penguins Are Mad Scary

Written By: Michael tester
Directed By: Abbe Gail Gross

Starring: Erica Giglio, Gavin Price and Fletcher Young


** Producers Pick

***Winner of the Audience Favorite Award