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Week 3

The Shortened Attention Span Horror Fest: Week 3


Written and Directed by: Charles Messina

Starring: Gina Ferrante, Jason Cerbone and Ernest

The Cliff Thing

Written By: Christopher Buckley
Directed by: Michael Buckley

Starring: Will Poston, Romeo Ballantine and Carlo

In Sheeps Clothing**

Written By: Jerrod Bogard
Directed by: Jerrod Bogard and Bridget Handler

Starring: Jerrod Bogard, Bennett Harrell and Duane

The Death Card

Written and Directed by: Mim Granahan

Starring: Steven Viola and Kimberly Dillon

The Car

Written and Directed by: Jon Galvez
Conceived by: Keith Goolsby

Starring: Ben Ellidge, Joshua Key-MacGinnis, Carolyn
Kimmel, Jacob Shoesmith-Fox and Erica Jensen

Little Mouse

Written and Directed by: Carlo Rivieccio

Starring: Megan Brandt-Meyer, Alan Pagano and Chris Semidey

** Producers Pick

***Winner of the Audience Favorite Award