Horror Fest 2010

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

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Shortened Attention Span Horror Festival 2010

Week 1 presents:

Lizzy Bugs Boogie By: John DiBenedetto

A Little Girl Turns the tables on the Boogie Man

Greyhound by: Will Snider

A teenage girl tries to stop her friend running away from home to visit an internet boyfriend.

Visitation Rites By: Jerome Schwartz

A Couple are invited to a "reunion" with the Children they abandoned 25 years ago. The Kids are NOT all right

Love Stinks By: J Boyett

A Cougars Tale By: Adriana Spencer & Erin E McGruff

A Cougar walks into a bar; she spots her prey. Little does he know what she really means by a "good piece of meat"