Horror Fest 2010

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Week 3

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Shortened Attention Span Horror Festival 2010

Week 3 presents:

Curiosity By: Mim Granahan

Welcome to the strangest tea party since Alice and The Mad Hatter

Wolf Manhood By: David Williams

Newly-dating Lon and Evelyn have to face Lon's dark secret when the moon is full.  Evelyn had no idea about Lon's hidden past; Lon may not be so sure either.

[death] By: Erin Moughon

Having no luck in real life, Sally decided to start dating online.  At [death], just by pressing a delete key, she can eliminate the creeps and losers.  Literally.

Prom Night of The Living Dead By: Anna Grace and Kris Chung

An interactive horror theatre event equal parts George Romero and John Hughes. Come join Glendale High at their senior prom! Drink some punch. Do the Hokey Pokey. Eat your date's brains.