Horror Fest 2010

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Shortened Attention Span Horror Festival 2010

Week 2 presents:

Bye, George By: Charles Messina

The Ghost of Comedian, Curmudgeon and all-around Critical Thinker George Carlin returns, ever-so-briefly.

See Saw Kill By: Michael Bradley Block

Gabe and Julian have relationship issues. Buzz has daddy issues. How do they fix them? Well a Saw Trap of course!

Lonesome Devil By: Ben Lewis

When a Hip NYC gal seeks shelter from the storm with a conservative small town family, cultures collide in Blood and horror.

TMZ: Too Many Zombies By: Jamie King

In a not-too-distant future, society trembles in the grip of two crippling plagues: the zombie apocalypse...and reality television

Devil and The Cleaner By: Robert LoManto

The Devil comes to collect the soul of a Killer. Will he get what was promised?

Lady and The Vamp By: Stacy Davidowitz

Lady and the Vamp unearths the terrifying nature of auditions-- what happens when you’ve done your homework and still make all the wrong choices, when personal relationships are exploited and professionalism is compromised, and when you are forced to choose between your moral standing and the acting job that will pay your rent for the next year.